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Baby Dylan Ezell’s Movie with Mom and Dad

If you’re happy and you know it

Incy Wincy Spider

Baby Needs You

Baby is the greatest gift a parent
can ever achieved. All your day's
hard works, accomplishments and 
performances are dedicated to this
wonderful gift. With just a smile
from your precious baby, none of
life’s struggles, disappointments
and frustrations can be cured.

Your baby is your scenery,your
beautiful view and your breath
taking accomplishment.Your baby
is like a seed that needs your
sunlight, your oxygen and your
supply to grow healthy and strong.

Your baby is the reason why you
transform night into day and 
tiredness into happiness. Your
baby is your joy and your 
foundation to achieve greatness.
Your baby is your boosting pill that gives you the strength to move forward.
All can be accomplished because you have the greatest gift, your baby.

No treasure can equal your wonderful baby.Take good care of your gift
and nurture it until your gift  is ready to walk on its own.